Supremium Button Down - The Proud Republican

Supremium Button Down

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This casual polyester blended short sleeve shirt doubles as a unique dress shirt that can be worn for any event. The Supremium Button Down short sleeve shirt pays homage to the Supreme Command and the Military Services that made the supreme sacrifice while winning the ultimate victory in WWII. Designed for men of all sizes, the black buttons and left breast pocket are expertly blended into the pattern for a uniformed stylish look. With a rich matte background, the Supremium Button Down short sleeve shirt features emblematic symbols of America’s Ranking soldiers along with the USA logo and hand grenades. The rich contrast of muted gold emblems against a black background gives this easy wearing, wrinkle free shirt for all occasions an air of authoritative supremacy.



  • Super Soft Moisture Wicking Technology

  • Custom, Light Weight, Fully Sublimated Button Down Shirt

  • Abrasion Resistant Fabric

  • Polyester Blend With Added Stretch

  • Ultra Breathable

  • No Chance of Cracking, Fading, or Peeling

  • High Quality Custom Colors and Graphics